NCHA Waiting List Details

We currently have a waiting list that runs several months to four years, depending on the need, due to a regional housing crunch.

In order to help those in great need, our housing authority implemented local preferences.  Once your application has been processed you will receive a letter stating that you have been placed on the waiting list according to our local preferences.

Waiting List Preferences
Applicants must choose a waiting list preference by checking a box, and provide the requested documentation.  Please read the required documents list, and provide the documents when submitting an application.  The applicant’s waiting list preference is set at the time of application, and will not be changed after the application is processed.
Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating residency in NCHA Counties.  Documents must show a current Ramsey, Towner, Griggs, Nelson Rolette, Cavalier or Steele County address (PO Box addresses not accepted).  Acceptable documents include pay stubs, utility bills, lease, cell phone or phone bills, or a notarized letter demonstrating established residence.

The North Central Housing Authority will select families based on the following preferences:

1. Residents of Cavalier, Nelson, Griggs or Steele Counties

a. Elderly and disabled households
b. All other households

2. Residents of Ramsey County

a. Elderly and disabled households
b. All other households

3. Non‐Residents of Ramsey, Cavalier, Nelson, Griggs and Steele Counties

a. Elderly and disabled households
b. All other household

The date and time of application will be utilized to determine the sequence within the above‐described preferences and within the non‐preference households.
Local Resident – To be considered a local resident, an individual or family must be a resident (as defined by NDCC 54‐01‐26) of one of the following North Dakota counties: Ramsey, Benson, Nelson, Steele, Griggs or Cavalier.

Victims of Domestic Violence
Documentation required: Victims must sign a confidentiality release and/or provide a letter from a domestic violence center stating the center worked with the applicant.  NCHA will also check police records regarding the applicant to ensure information is accurate.

NCHA will notify applicants if they are on a waiting list.  North Central Housing Authority handles Public Housing properties and Section 8 housing assistance programs.
NCHA continues to prepare families that it can take 3 months or longer to get housing assistance.